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Lindsey Cole, also known as "Wildphoenix22" on the internet, has been doodling in her sketch book since a very young age. She was born in a  small town in Vermont, to a family that always fostered her creativity and artistic passions. Growing up, she spent her time sketching Disney characters and creating various "masterpieces" with her two sisters for their "art gallery" in the living-room. 
Today, Lindsey is best known for her 
whimsical illustrations, landscapes and pencil portraits. Her work varies across many different mediums, including watercolor, gouache and acrylic paints as well as charcoal and colored pencils. She greatly enjoys experimenting with new materials and trying new techniques and can never quite settle on a "favorite."
Besides creating art, Lindsey also enjoys traveling, kayaking, gaming, baking and snuggling her puppy!

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