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Artist: Lindsey Cole

About the Artist

Lindsey Cole, also known as "Wildphoenix22" on the internet, has been doodling in her sketch book since a very young age. She was born in a  small town in Vermont, to a family that always fostered her creativity and passions. Growing up, she spent her time sketching Disney characters and creating various original "masterpieces" with her two sisters for their "art gallery" in the living-room.


Continuing her interest in art, during school, she enrolled in any art classes she could; including Drawing, 2-Dimentional Design, Painting, Sculpting, Photography & Art History. She received her Bachelor's Degree in Marine Biology from the University of New England (with a minor in Art) in 2009 and her Master's in Environmental Law & Policy from the Vermont Law School in 2011.


Today, she continues to explore the world through paint, pencil, and lens. She enjoys traveling, knitting, tabletop gaming, the ocean and chocolate!


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